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Since 1995 we organizing 5-a-side soccer tournaments. Indoor and outdoor.


Regularly we met teams who only like to participate in a tournament in the spring or summer,


We thought that there where possibilities to arrange that because we were looking for a solution to go back to some things which got lost in a massive grow in the big WPFT tournament. A smaller tournament can be combined with perfect holiday time.


With the birth of the COPA DEL MAR we offer those teams a 5-a-side outdoor on “natural” or “artificial” grass in a country were the sun has a capacity to shine.


To keep everybody interested I choose a carrousel of destinations, so we can offer outside soccer players the possibility to discover new places. Not only for playing, but also to enjoy tourism.


The targets which we choose are: a nice hotel with a swimming pool and nearby the sport accommodation and as said, a broad interest in tourism and amusement. It brings the members of the international teams closer together to obtain the goal of this event: to create friendship between players from all over the globe.


Starting with sparkling Barcelona - Spain 2010 , we moved to quiet and green Esposénde in Northern Portugal 2011. After that, a jewel of an Greek island, Zakynthos 2012, the next year we played in Pinarella di Cervia in 2013 Italy.


 The 5th anniversary edition we returned to Spain, where it all began.


The extra-ordinary resort Cambrils Park in Salou Spain 2014 became the perfect place to have our 5th & special edition.


The Algarve Portugal 2015 hosted the title of “European Sport City” and our 6th edition was a part of their program.


Then it was time to return to the Adriatic Sea an so for 2016 Riccione Italy was the stage for our biggest edition. 34 teams had great fun in an atmosphere of Fair Play!


For the 2017 edition we had the idea to give more chances for the countries situated on the east-side of the Mediterranean Sea, so we look at the other side of the Adriatic Sea and chose the Roman town Porec, situated in the North of the green Istria in Croatia. 550 people, 35 teams from 17 participated.


And so grow the plan to go completely East, to Evia - Greece.
In 2018 we could greet again 500 people, 32 teams from 18 countries.
Our 10th Anniversary edition will be in green Portugal!
Vilamoura in the Algarve shall be our base for this special edition.
So make sure you don’t miss it!
Players, supporters or just holiday makers, you're all welcome!
Your hosts,
Lisbeth & Marc



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